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Hill Country Bicycle Works will guarantee complete work on all bicycles purchased from us. We also will guarantee all repairs on the bicycles that we work on, provided they were originally purchased from an Independent Bicycle Dealer.

We provide a Free no-obligation estimate of the work that will need to be done and will take into account your budget. If, while we are doing the work on your bike, we find more problems or concerns, we always call you first with an additional estimate and wait for your approval before proceeding.


We provide professional bike tune-ups for all bikes. From a start of the season check-over to a full overhaul, our crew of experienced bike mechanics will keep your ride working it’s best.

Basic Tune-Up

Complete Drivetrain Inspection
Security check on all bolts & accessories
Inspect and lubricate chain
Check/adjust tire air pressure


Our certified experts have been fitting people on bikes for over 20 years. With miles of experience on road bikes, mountain bikes and bike packing/touring, we know a good fit can make all the difference.

R.A.D. Services

Helps to prevent joint discomfort from improper cleat alignment.
Rotational Adjustment Device (R.A.D) is used to align the cleat on the bottom of the shoe to the rider’s natural foot position.

Starter Fit – On your Existing Bike

*FREE with the purchase of a NEW bike. Excludes parts and installation labor.
A great starting point for preventing and/or easing knee and back pain, saddle discomfort and neck pain.
The Starter Fit provides an evaluation of the rider’s bike fit by observing the cyclist’s position on his or her bicycle. Approximately 30-45 minutes.
– Reach, Stem Length and Angle
– Knee Over Pedal Spindle Alignment
– Comfort Issues
– Frame Size
– Saddle Height and Position
– Handlebar Size & Position

Developmental Triathlon / Time Trial Fit

*FREE with the purchase of a NEW bike. Excludes parts and installation labor.
Perfect for the multi-sport athlete or anyone interested in taking pressure off the hands & arms.
Adjust an athlete’s current bike for aero bars.
Approximately 45-60 minutes.
– Reach, Stem Length and Angle
– Knee Over Pedal Spindle Alignment
– Handlebar Size & Position
– Frame Size
– Aero Bar Setup
– Saddle Height and Position
– Comfort Issues

Retül Bicycle Fit

This is a dynamic 3D motion capture system built on three foundations that result in the application of accurate, objective and comprehensive bike fit data to a rider’s position on the bike.
Dynamic fitting is the most realistic and accurate method for bike fit. Biomechanics are best assessed in 3D space and measurement accuracy is vital. The Retül system is accurate to within less than a millimeter allowing small adjustments that can make a big difference in alleviating back, knee or neck pain improving a riders performance and enjoyment.
Provides information required to order a custom fit frameset, or to fit a new or existing bicycle
Approximately 2 hours
*Excludes parts and installation labor


Looking for a specific type of repair, upgrade or service for your bike? Our expert staff of mechanics can handle any of your requirements as well as discuss possible options to match your performance and budget needs.

Call us today to discuss your specific service needs!

Brake Repairs

Shifter & Derailleur

Wheel Repairs

Drivetrain Repairs

Fork, Headset, & Bar Repairs

Frame Repairs

Misc. Repairs

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