Friendly Service, Knowledgeable Staff, Great Value

Hill Country Bicycle Works has been fixing bikes for a long time. We work on all bikes to the best of our ability and charge a fair price for our expertise and time. We guarantee complete work on all bicycles purchased from us. We also guarantee repairs on the bicycles that we work on, provided they were originally purchased from an Independent Bicycle Dealer.

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Let our pros help you find your perfect bike

From the experienced cyclist that is looking for a custom bike and a pro fit to the beginning rider that wants a “plain old fashioned bike”, Hill Country Bicycle Works can guide you in finding the bike that is perfect for your style of riding.

There are so many choices on the market these days, it’s hard to know where to begin. Our job is to help you find a bike that you love so that each time you see it at home, you can’t wait to get on that bike and go for a ride!!

To help you get started, you’ll need to answer a few simple questions.
1. What kind of riding do you want to do?
2. How much money do you want to invest in that perfect bicycle?

Go look at some of the possibilities HERE and then, before you get so overwhelmed your head is spinning, come down to the shop and take a test ride. By test riding a couple of different models and types of bikes, we are confident that you will be able to narrow your choices down to the bike that is perfect for you.

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Helmets, apparel, tires & tubes – All the gear from top to bottom

So now you have your bike, what else might you need? Helmet? Clothing? Rear view mirror? Bags to carry stuff? A flat repair kit? Hydration? Daylight visible lights? Do you need to carry your bike on a vehicle to an adventure, trail or road? We can help you with all the gear you might need.

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Road, Cruiser, and E-Bikes – Just show up and ride!

Looking to explore the hill country roads but don’t want to bring your bike? Our rental fleets features road bikes, fitness hybrid bikes, electric bikes and town bikes. We can set you up for a day or a week and give you plenty of maps and recommendations on where to ride.

Want to bring your own bike – we can receive your bike and have it ready to go for your arrival and can pack it up and ship it back when your headed home.

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From touring to racing and every kind of event in between

We keep a comprehensive calendar of all kinds of outdoor events and races within approximately 100 miles of our area. We’ve got a list of mountain bike properties here too! Plus the weekly rides, runs, swims and walks in both communities.

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Serving the Texas hill country since 1995 we still love everything bike!

With over 70 years of bike shop experience we have a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of bicycle riding, touring, advocacy, trail building, event promotion, racing and bicycle repair. Hill Country Bicycle Works is a big city shop nestled in the small towns of Kerrville and Fredericksburg ready to pass on a love of the sport.

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Your favorite bike shop in Kerrville and Fredericksburg

Come see us today and we’ll set you straight on the road to your next adventure!!

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